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Style: Semi-Antique
Size (width): 3'8''
Size (length): 5'6''
Material: Wool
Pattern: Overall
Primary Color: Red
Additional Colors: Blue,Navy,Red
Sku: 000181
Sarouk Rugs- The thickness of the luxurious pile allows Sarouk rugs to withstand the level of foot traffic that would be typical in hallways, common rooms and foyers. The style, quality and durability of Sarouk rugs have made them extremely popular with western consumers then and now. Antique carpets produced in Sarouk feature classic curvilinear vinescrolls and opulent arabesques as well as local bouquet-filled designs that represent the diversity of regional carpet-weaving traditions. The carpets of Sarouk are traditionally made with blue weft threads. However, the surface designs and floriferous patterns incorporate a tremendous variety of pure and clear colors. The village of Saruk produces stunning medallion-and-corner rugs and exquisite allover Herati patterns, but the lush carpets that feature beautifully isolated bouquets and shrubs best represent the unique aesthetic of Sarouk. Whatever design they feature, Persian Sarouk carpets have an opulent and enduring aesthetic that will always be in demand. Sarouk rugs are among the most luxurious classically derived, room-sized Persian carpets.

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