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Style: Bokhara
Design: Tribal Geometric
Size (width): 2'6"
Size (length): 4'2"
Material: 100% Wool
Quality/ Production: Hand-knotted, Production time unknown
Primary Color: Peach
Additional Colors: Brown, Tan, Navy
Sku: #000335

Classic Turkoman designs known as Bokharas were originally made by nomadic tribes. Bokharas were named for the city where they were once collected which was once an important trade center in Turkestan (1). Bokhara rugs are now one of the most popular designs of hand made and machine made rugs on the market. For that reason they are widely reproduced in areas of Pakistan, and India.

Bokhara rugs are one of the easier rug types to identify. When you are inspecting Bokharas you should keep in mind they vary in quality from very poor to very fine. It is simpler to have a known Bokhara on hand when determining the authenticity of an unknown rug. Bokhara rugs are most commonly a deep shade of red with a repeating pattern of octagonal guls. An Octagonal gul design is also known as an elephants foot. These guls are commonly dark blue, black or brown with ivory accents. The shapes and colors of guls varied from one tribe to another, these differences were traditionally used to identify the source of the rug. Wool is generally used as the foundation material, and the wool pile is most commonly tied with Persian knots and is clipped short. Pakistan and Indian Bokharas can be found in rust, tan, orange, light and dark blue, green, aqua and gold. The pile is higher, the wool is soft, and the foundation is usually cotton in Pakistan and Indian Bokharas.

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