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Style: Mashad
Design: Palmette, Curvilinear
Size (width): 13'6"
Size (length): 21'8"
Material: 100% Wool
Quality/ Production: Hand-knotted, Production time unknown
Primary Color: Pink
Additional Colors: Red, Blue, Ivory
Sku: #000724

Based on normally a cotton foundation, the wool pile used in Mashad rugs is amongst the best in Iran. The wool used is soft and the pile is tight and thin. Dark red, blue and khaki are the typical colours used in the carpets making up a curvilinear pattern with a single central medallion, the corners are generally illustrate floral designs, and floral motifs occupy the background. Many of the best carpets in the world are made in Iran, and many of the best carpets in Iran are made in Mashad (in the Saber workshop) giving an idea of how important Mashad is as a carpet-weaving center. Most of the Mashad carpets are fairly large in size although it is possible to find designs of any size.

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