Rug Maintenance Tips From The Pros

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We recommend that vacuuming is carried out with a Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner without a beater bar. The brushes should be raised away from the surface of the pile and suction reduced to the minimum amount needed to remove the dust and dirt build up. To get the best results vacuum in the direction of the pile, this is to avoid pushing the dirt back into the fibres of the carpet. The carpet should be vacuumed twice a month to remove dirt; however vacuuming frequency should match traffic and soil conditions. 

Stain Removal Techniques 

  •  Pre-test a hidden area
  •  Act quickly, treat spots quickly to prevent permanent stains
  • DO NOT scrub Silk, Bamboo or Viscose carpet; it could warp the pile. Gently blot the soiled area, beginning from the edge and working your way in, using a white cloth or paper-towel to absorb liquids from spills. (Dyes and Inks in coloured fabrics and papers can run and further damage your carpet)

Do-it-yourself cleaning tips 

Water: Blot away with absorbent white paper towels until dry to the touch. Avoid walking on the area until it is bone dry. 

Food and Beverages, Cosmetic Powders, Modelling Clay, Potting Soil and Skin Ointments 

  • Vacuum dry spills thoroughly
  • On wet spills, use ¼ teaspoon of mild liquid detergents for each cup of lukewarm water. 
  • Use a rounded spoon to lift semi-solid foods off the silk carpet; blot the spot until it has disappeared. 
  •  Hot liquid (tea, coffee etc.) must be attended to immediately. If allowed to cool or  dry the stain will be almost impossible to remove 
  •  If liquid spills have dried, gently remove the substance using a soft brush to  break up any crusted material. Vacuum thoroughly to remove loosened  particles. 
  •  After the cleaning is completed, do not work on the carpet until dry. 
Bijar, The Iron Rug of Persia
Bijar, The Iron Rug of Persia
Bijar, The Iron Rug of Persia
Bijar, The Iron Rug of Persia
Bijar, The Iron Rug of Persia
Bijar, The Iron Rug of Persia
Bijar, The Iron Rug of Persia

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