New Summer Selections

It’s August at Direct Rug Import, and new summer selections are available. Here are samples of a variety of transitional rugs. Each are handwoven and take over a year to complete. Made with wool and silk, for an elegant, contemporary feel. Available in different sizes, come by either of our locations to see our selection up close.

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Our top 10 for September

Transitional This gorgeous rug possesses an elemental style and design imbued with natures aesthetic, woven by master artisans. This exceptional hand woven rug instantly beautifies and enhances any living space, completing your décor.   Classic Sultan Abad Oxidize This particular rugs design dates back centuries, is known as Sultan Abad. Absolutely intriguing using the wool and silk material and being able to oxidize it to introduce new color and texture.   Classic Antique Tabriz This is the replica of the classic antique Persian 17th century which was originally sold for more than 33.7 million. It illustrates the depth and beauty...

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Wool And Amazing Silk Designs

Here at Direct Rug Import we specialize in the quality and beautiful designs of our rugs that we make. It takes a great deal of time and effort to make these amazing rugs. Like these three beautiful rugs here. Each took a year and a half to make. You can see the wool and amazing silk designs that go into the rugs.

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Behind the Beauty

Here at Direct Rug Import in our wide selection of styles of our rugs, we take our time to show you and go into detail about our rugs. So you can really enjoy the physical beauty and the story behind the beauty. Each beautiful rug is destined for everyone. We will help you find the one that is destined for you.

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Tabriz Rugs

Here at Direct Rug Import we have an amazing selection of Tabriz rugs. These amazing wool and silk rugs have such beautiful shine to them. Plus the colors absolutely jump off the rug to you. Just like this beautiful red Tabriz rug shown here. Please contact us if you would like to come in and see some of our rugs.

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